This website has been in maintenance mode for about 2 years and now it's finally back online. In this blog article I will answer why it took so long and what waits for you here in the future.

Why was the website offline in the first place?

About 2 years ago I had the idea of ​​relaunching my website because I wanted to remove some functions. So I put my website into maintenance mode and started thinking about what I want to change. Since I didn't have any good ideas at the time, I put the project off. And this state of affairs lasted until a few months ago, when I once again dealt with the idea of ​​redesigning it.

So why so suddenly now?

In my studies, a practical module is planned for the next semester, in which I will complete an internship. For the application, I have finally made the decision to revise my website and put it back online. Furthermore, I have wanted to write my own blog for a long time and have now implemented this in the course of the new setup.

What can we expect here in the future?

I will use this blog to write about topics that I am personally interested in. But I will also address topics that I consider important with my knowledge, for example in computer science. In general, no perfectly formulated texts can be expected here, that's just not my talent. I'll still try to write interesting texts and get across my views on things.

To stay updated

This blog has an RSS feed. This means that you can simply embed the link below in a feed reader and be notified whenever there is a new blog article.